Brain activation and vision

  • May 20, 2019

Visual acuity is restored when the brain is activated.
It does not seem to be related, but in fact it seems to have been generally considered in the field of brain science.
The principle is that to “see” is to say that “the brain correctly recognizes information obtained from the eyes.”
I do not know whether it is professionally appropriate, but if I use an expression method that is easy for even an layman to understand, one of the causes of visual acuity loss is the deterioration of the ability to recognize by brain aging, resulting in visual acuity. To say that it feels like it has fallen.
It is good to think so.
Many people use the five senses such as eyes and ears as a method to activate the brain, but it seems that solid rest is also allowing the brain to rest.
For example, in the breathing method, not only oxygen to the brain but also fatigue, anxiety, and stress are alleviated, so it is possible that the brain can be rested and activated while refreshing mind and body including eyes.

Principle of anti-aging

  • September 12, 2018

Adults who are interested in anything seem to have many young people with basic faces.
For example, people who actively participate in theater, concerts, running and events.
Any other thing is fine.
For example, a person with some hobbies.
Basically, human beings secrete adrenaline by becoming pure to something of interest.
Secreted adrenalin produces an effect as “anti-aging”, which affects behavior and remarks, and also affects skin gloss and hormone balance, which is surprising.
“While good year and year use of such a raw enzyme
How does a person who is drinking a raw enzyme start drinking and what use method is used?

When I examined various voices, what was overwhelmingly many was the feeling that I wanted to be somehow healthy because I was tired and overworked in the modern people, in an irregular diet.

I know that I need rest, I can not work too much, and I have a bad eating habit.
But there are many cases where you have to do it.
Therefore, live enzymes that can be easily started are popular.

And it is also from the feeling that it is relative easy to start using live enzymes.
It is recommended by people, and it’s cheap.

It seems that some people are just drinking when they get tired, but with the supplement type that is convenient for carrying, many people carry it because they can take it to work and drink it or put it in a bag. It seems that you are using it.

Parenting and exercise

  • January 24, 2018

Once a child is born, there is no opportunity to exercise.

Some people are with their children 24 hours a day and are just chase-outs, but they can not expect too much calories in the house alone.

So I would like to introduce you the exercise that you can do with your child while you are with it.

For babies, avoid hot summer days and cold winter days and take a stroller for a 1-2 hour walk.

This is a good thing for the baby and a good exercise for the mother.

A child who has graduated from a stroller can use the bicycle bed to go shopping or taking a walk, which also helps shape the lower body.

If you are a kid after kindergarten, it is a good exercise for adults to get tired just by running with them or playing in the park.