To get in balance with the mind

  • March 9, 2019

Even if you have a balanced diet, sleep and movement, if your mind is unstable you will not enjoy your life.
Do you greet with a smile at school or work in the morning?
Greetings are the basics of basics.
I think even if you’re a stranger, it makes you happy when you say hello with a smile.
It is also a pleasure for the other person to feel happy.
It is not only the morning greetings but also that the basic human parts such as “thank you” and “sorry” are properly made, and even if there is something private or disgusting, you have control over your emotions without being outdone It is.
In order to build a good personal relationship, it is important to keep in touch with your own balance.
There is no perfect human being that can always smile.
Life is fun because there are mistakes, broken hearts, and so on.
I think people who can express emotions are well-balanced in mind.

Self-processing method-disadvantages

  • January 8, 2019

There are four easy ways to handle wasted hair at home: razors, tweezers, hair removal creams and home depilators, but just because it’s easy to do it is not all suited individually.
If you do not know the characteristics of each, it will damage the skin or cause skin problems, so I would like to introduce these disadvantages.
First of all, it is a razor, but it may damage your skin with a razor blade or it may cause pigmentation because it must be done frequently.
Next, it is a tweezer, but because it pulls the hair from the hair root, it puts a strain on the skin and the hair.
In that respect, hair loss in the salon is an advantage that the burden on the skin is less.

Hair Loss Kobe Navi

There are more and more salons in the city.

Pharmacists can easily return to work

  • July 26, 2018

Coupled with the recent RIKES jobome, women are gradually increasing their number in science department.
In particular, pharmacists are the most popular job seekers in Riquejo, so many people choose the Faculty of Pharmacy as a destination.
Women are forced to retire and go to maternity leave in response to lifestyle changes such as marriage and childbirth.
However, a pharmacist who has completed six years of study and passed a national examination, and finally sees the eye as a specialist.
There are also a number of institutions that support reemployment, and of course returning to work is also quite advantageous.
That’s why the job of a pharmacist is popular with girls.