Does your fortune change with moving?

  • June 29, 2019

I have moved to a neighboring town about 10 minutes on foot.
When you say moving, there is an impression that the fear of getting used to the new land and the hope of trying hard will be mixed.
However, in the next town, there was no impression that a new life started, such as the scenery was familiar and the shop to go shopping did not change.
However, I was also happy to move.
I am a “surprise mania” but the previous house was very far from the post.
But the new house is right in front of the post.
I was very happy about this.
Also, I think that luck has changed, the probability of winning and applying has increased.

This move. I was able to move quite cheaply.
It is lucky to say that this is also lucky.
This is convenient if you want to reduce the price.

Brain activation and vision

  • May 20, 2019

Visual acuity is restored when the brain is activated.
It does not seem to be related, but in fact it seems to have been generally considered in the field of brain science.
The principle is that to “see” is to say that “the brain correctly recognizes information obtained from the eyes.”
I do not know whether it is professionally appropriate, but if I use an expression method that is easy for even an layman to understand, one of the causes of visual acuity loss is the deterioration of the ability to recognize by brain aging, resulting in visual acuity. To say that it feels like it has fallen.
It is good to think so.
Many people use the five senses such as eyes and ears as a method to activate the brain, but it seems that solid rest is also allowing the brain to rest.
For example, in the breathing method, not only oxygen to the brain but also fatigue, anxiety, and stress are alleviated, so it is possible that the brain can be rested and activated while refreshing mind and body including eyes.

Change your mind with a long wallet

  • April 10, 2019

I think that many people have only one wallet, but it is a change of mind when used properly on weekdays and holidays.
The suit looks like a brown purse with a chic color, but when you enjoy camping with your family and friends in rough clothes, the flashy purse says that you are “on a full holiday” The senses are born and open.
For those who love music and want to visit the live house, I would recommend a decorated purse.
Because the cross pattern and the metal fittings give a cool impression, it makes you feel a little closer to the musician.
As it is an item with many women drowning women, it may be possible to have a different color with the lover.