How to wash your sensitive skin

  • December 12, 2018

Sensitive skin is skin that causes trouble immediately when it happens.

But what kind of care should you pay for face washing if you have such sensitive skin?

First of all, use soap that is less irritating to your skin.

Please foam the soap a lot with your palm.

(※ You can foam immediately if you use a sponge.)

Then place a lot of foam on your skin and gently wash as you massage.

(※ skin dirt comes to the surface with the cleanser.)

Finally, please rinse gently with lukewarm water.

(※ Even when wiping with a towel, please hold down rather than rubbing.)

Do not wash your face many times a day just because it is good for dry skin.

This is because cleansing of the skin will cause the skin to lose its moisture.

The basics of cleansing are two times, morning and evening.

Principle of anti-aging

  • September 12, 2018

Adults who are interested in anything seem to have many young people with basic faces.
For example, people who actively participate in theater, concerts, running and events.
Any other thing is fine.
For example, a person with some hobbies.
Basically, human beings secrete adrenaline by becoming pure to something of interest.
Secreted adrenalin produces an effect as “anti-aging”, which affects behavior and remarks, and also affects skin gloss and hormone balance, which is surprising.
“While good year and year use of such a raw enzyme
How does a person who is drinking a raw enzyme start drinking and what use method is used?

When I examined various voices, what was overwhelmingly many was the feeling that I wanted to be somehow healthy because I was tired and overworked in the modern people, in an irregular diet.

I know that I need rest, I can not work too much, and I have a bad eating habit.
But there are many cases where you have to do it.
Therefore, live enzymes that can be easily started are popular.

And it is also from the feeling that it is relative easy to start using live enzymes.
It is recommended by people, and it’s cheap.

It seems that some people are just drinking when they get tired, but with the supplement type that is convenient for carrying, many people carry it because they can take it to work and drink it or put it in a bag. It seems that you are using it.

Does Laser Hair Removal Kill Your Skin?

  • March 29, 2018

The laser beam is said to burn everything.
So why can laser hair removal using such a laser beam be able to clean only the area to be depilated?
(※ You may not burn it by mistake until our beautiful skin.)
If it damages the skin by laser irradiation … Imagine just by imagining.
In fact, when doing laser hair removal, I check the hair roots one by one and then irradiate.
Therefore, it does not damage beautiful skin.
Laser hair removal can also remove hair in a short period of time (there is almost no pain).
Remember, the part where laser hair removal burns out is only the hair root (of course you also need esthetician technology).