Does Laser Hair Removal Kill Your Skin?

  • March 29, 2018

The laser beam is said to burn everything.
So why can laser hair removal using such a laser beam be able to clean only the area to be depilated?
(※ You may not burn it by mistake until our beautiful skin.)
If it damages the skin by laser irradiation … Imagine just by imagining.
In fact, when doing laser hair removal, I check the hair roots one by one and then irradiate.
Therefore, it does not damage beautiful skin.
Laser hair removal can also remove hair in a short period of time (there is almost no pain).
Remember, the part where laser hair removal burns out is only the hair root (of course you also need esthetician technology).

Self-processing method-merit

  • February 18, 2018

There are razors, tweezers, hair removal creams and home hair removers for easy ways of self-processing wasted hair at home, but do you know their characteristics?
Each has its own benefits in terms of simplicity and financials, so I would like to introduce those benefits.
First of all, it is a razor, but in the easiest way it can handle almost all wasted hair and can handle many wasted hair at one time.
Next, it’s a tweezer, but it pulls the hair from the hair root at once so it will last longer than a razor if it is pulled once.
Next is a depilatory cream, but it can be used to break up the surface hair and make it possible to process a large amount of hair at once rather than making it unnoticeable.
Finally, it is a home hair remover, but it pulls the hair from the hair root at once like the tweezers, so it can last long if you pull it out once, and you can remove hair cleanly.
I hope you understand and use the benefits of each.