Does your fortune change with moving?

  • June 29, 2019

I have moved to a neighboring town about 10 minutes on foot.
When you say moving, there is an impression that the fear of getting used to the new land and the hope of trying hard will be mixed.
However, in the next town, there was no impression that a new life started, such as the scenery was familiar and the shop to go shopping did not change.
However, I was also happy to move.
I am a “surprise mania” but the previous house was very far from the post.
But the new house is right in front of the post.
I was very happy about this.
Also, I think that luck has changed, the probability of winning and applying has increased.

This move. I was able to move quite cheaply.
It is lucky to say that this is also lucky.
This is convenient if you want to reduce the price.